Every big organization has them. They hide in plain sight, often with great credentials, a privileged education & a normal life. You may even be impressed.

Interviewers are easily fooled: outsized confidence, intensity & mental toughness can often lead HR managers to think they’ve found a strong leader.

Then you start to work with them & out comes the devil. They do things to throw you off your game, embarrass or offend others, take credit for your work & star in their own fantasies of grandeur & success.

But a few pumps to the ego & they show you who they really are. You see the cracks in the bullying & big talk. You become calm because you know they won’t last. He’s a “tough boss” or “tough client” doesn’t necessarily mean sociopath.

Signs you are working with/for a psycho:

  1. Exceptional charm
  2. Confiding way too quickly
  3. Lies, lies, lies
  4. Devious & deceptive
  5. Super confident
  6. No compassion
  7. Slow, quiet talking
  8. Adrenaline junkies
  9.  Can’t be bored
  10.  Fake emotions

NOTE: I’ve recently been faced with working with a model psychopath (don’t worry, not on our own team.)

Anyone encounter this before & how did you survive the relationship?

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