The question on everyone’s mind this morning…as results continue to pour in and the initial wave passes.

You’ve seen $15 billion in 2 hours, $1 billion in the first minute. Nothing short of impressive! 11.11 is the real deal…

…But how does this translate into individual store performance?

What I’m seeing in our own portfolio and what I’m hearing on the street: “much better than last year but not meeting target.”

We have some clients who did more in 2 hours than ALL of last year. But growth has slowed. And we expect a big pop in the final hours.

…Since when is “double” not enough? And how can a million dollar debut be disappointing?

Honestly, I think we’ve all become a bit spoiled by outsize results in recent years and the inevitable “maturation” of this event may be better for brands overall.

While I love the entertainment value, 11.11 can suck the life out of Oct, Nov and most of Sept for our clients…and not always in a good way.

Anyone feel the same?

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