With over 4.2 million views since Jan 18th, this public outcry is a lesson in how powerful “individual” consumer voices can be in China.

Forget D&G…the bigger picture is that we are all one-bad-review away from a PR crisis.

Here’s what happened: an LVMH customer Mr. Wang found quality issues with his handbag. He sent it in for maintenance. After 4 months, it was returned but the handles were still fading and peeling. Instead of compensating Mr. Wang or accepting responsibility, shop attendants asked him to pay for additional maintenance because the bag’s warranty had expired AND they blamed the failure on the climate and environment (i.e. pollution).

Policies are in place for a reason. But we can’t control what our people say (no matter how well trained) and we can’t control how people react.

Bottom line – no matter how prestigious the brand, quality control is a constant struggle (both in our products AND customer service.) To remain successful, brands must stay vigilant.

How would you make things right with Mr. Wang? For the link to the original story, please comment below.