If you want to enter China, start thinking in terms of “niches.”

I met a client who owns a successful swimwear brand. Globally, they are crushing it…but the majority of sales are to “tanning” nations. Demographics are ideal.

Even using Chinese models, beach culture in China isn’t ready. He’s insistent. But I’m quite sure it is a BAD idea. Saying “no” to entry required ZERO data analysis. One walk in China on a sunny day and you can see Chinese women under umbrellas hold a different view. The sun is the skincare equivalent of a death sentence.

Now this isn’t always true (e.g. full body suits could work). But the general idea that masses of Chinese women will wear skimpy bikinis isn’t right. As it turns out, he’s got deep experience in Shanghai.

So after arguing for 2 hours, he mentioned that his partner has secured a license to operate food trucks. Now THAT is a good idea: Shanghai is desperate for late night snacks. I can’t imagine the party crowd won’t make this 100% successful.

Thriving in China is about acceptance and flexibility over force of will. Niche hunters win. The rest ice skate uphill. If most aspiring entrants thought this way, success rates would be much higher.

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