Don’t Accidentally Hire an Arms Dealer

Here’s something you really don’t see every day. One of my clients is a well-known skin care brand. When they came to us, they had gotten themselves into a truly untenable situation…one of the worst cases I’d ever seen.

The Head of International Business that they hired was oversees and didn’t know anything about China…but said she did. They were fortunate enough to be one of those brands that are activated by accident in China. So she had a very successful business cross border, and wanted to legitimize it and put it through authorized distribution.

They were looking for a partner and a guy came to them and convinced them that he was a Tmall Partner. They gave him a five year exclusive. About a year into the relationship, he was very hostile and they didn’t know what was going on. Come to find out, he was actually an arms dealer. The man manufactured dangerous weapons and sold them to Kazakhstan. This is not a nice man, but they are stuck in this contract for the next four years…unless he decides to give it up.

Be cautious about who you hire and chose to work with. Check references and vet your partners…and avoid unwittingly hiring an arms dealer to run your China operations,

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