Clever Little Scope Creeps

While I love smart clients, I don’t love games. I’m curious…why do people feel it is OK to trick vendors into doing more work than they are contracted?

More importantly, why is “deception” acceptable in a business relationship?

The story: I get an urgent call on late Friday before holidays start. My client is very upset. He accused us of doing a bad job with localization.

Of course something must be off. I can’t imagine anything like that would pass editorial (been there, done that). We have a fool proof system. Never happens.

So I agree to troubleshoot. He sends me screenshots. Quite clearly, this doesn’t sound right. I take full responsibility and say we’ll fix it…

…then I find out it was a TRAP!

As it turns out, this work isn’t included in his contract. So his assistant decides to insert that task into the store “application.” She sends one of our junior team members a 200MB file and demands it be localized immediately. Clever.

If we were at war, I’d admire her guile. Sure I was duped. But just wait until I see her boss at an upcoming meeting in person. Let’s see how funny she thinks it is then… I’m curious…has this happened to you? How did you handle the situation?

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