China is one of the ONLY places where global champs fail and brands you’ve never heard of “crush” it.

That’s because there is no one-size-fits-all solution to any situation in #China (or really anywhere). But, what I CAN offer you this Wednesday may be just as valuable: a STRATEGIC FRAMEWORK for building a sustainable and successful presence here.

If you want it, simply block your calendar:

We’ve spent 6 months doing deep research into the origins of success in China. From the biggest and most famous to the small fry you’ve never heard of. The latter being MOST interesting.

Bottom line? We’ve found some interesting commonalities. Irrespective of category, business model or time/place of entry. Think of it as the sweet spot. And there is no reason your business can’t get there if you are willing to take action.

Curious? Find one hour this Wednesday starting at 11AM China time It’s what The China Insider is about: helping you make better choices. We can’t guarantee #success but we can surely help you get off on the right foot.

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