Why China May Fare Better Financially Than Western Countries in the Aftermath of COVID-19

When all is said and done, China (or at least the average Chinese citizen) may fare better than their Western counterparts during the current economic crisis. Here’s why:

  1. Most Chinese citizens 40 years and older don’t have liabilities like Americans & other Westerners. They don’t carry personal debt on credit cards. While the younger generation is much more likely to have personal debt, their older relatives aren’t.
  2. Having a significant personal savings is the norm. Even those without savings often have parents that can act as a life preserver if their ship sinks…so to speak.
  3. Living paycheck to paycheck is less common amongst Chinese citizens. A higher priority is put on living within your means in comparison to the West. Cultural factors also help…for example you won’t find a payday loan businesses in China.

From a financial standpoint, it doesn’t mean the crisis isn’t painful, but I think most Chinese are positioned better to make it through.

And for those that don’t fare well, the Chinese emphasis on community – be it family, friends, or a greater network of colleagues – will help carry them through.

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