A Little Known (Incredibly Successful) China Activation Strategy

I was recently asked the best strategy to ensure success for a new beauty brand with low awareness in #China. My team has spent a fair amount of time researching this, and we’ve found that people follow people who follow #brands. And Chinese #influencers (KOLs) who follow brands follow other people outside of China. So the biggest single source of #activation and influence for global brands are individuals.

One of the most successful strategies we’ve seen (and used with clients) is going after influencers OUTSIDE China that are followed by the most important KOLs INSIDE China. It seems like a very sideways approach, but I’ve seen it provide #results time & time again.

So you activate in your own country with influencers that matter to other influencers inside China. Then the Chinese KOLs begin following the new brands or the products that the Western influencer is using. This approach has the power to amplify word of mouth very quickly. Once Chinese #consumers see their favorite local #KOL using the product they want to try it and things begin moving fast. Need proof? A brand we used this #strategy with recently went from having zero sales in China, to 1/3 of its revenue coming from China within 2 years.

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