Kung Fu Data is an on-shore digital brand accelerator with a portfolio of successful lifestyle brands on China’s major digital platforms. From market entry to omni-channel operations in China, our dedicated global team will be your partner throughout the journey, uncovering huge growth opportunities. The best part? You don’t need a single person on the ground or a legal entity. We take care of everything.
Brand E-commerce Engagements
Revenue Generated for Clients
25+ YRS
Experience in Ecommerce and China Logistics
Experienced China Professionals
Locations: Beijing, Shanghai, Singapore
Channel Partners Worldwide
Most awards are based on "size" or "popularity" contests...
But it's different at KFD. Our clients win the awards
96684 518810
385262 625932

Meet the Kung Fu Crew 

We are locals no matter where we are at the moment. We are constantly learning. We are third culture kids and explorers. We are world travelers and global executives. We have strong convictions. We always have your back. We are authentic and unafraid to be ourselves.
Josh Gardner
CEO, Co-founder
Leo Wang
COO, Co-founder
Steven Fang
CFO, Co-founder
Kilee Adams
Client Coordinator
James Eron
Partner, Data Advisory
Amitava Biswas
Senior Consultant
Ali Kim
Head of Product / IT
Skyler Yeon
Director, Client Services
profile pic circle
Justin Wong
Commander, Marketing Ops
Michelle Chen
Operations Director - BJ
Cindy Liu
Operations Director - SH
Cari Deng
Marketing Director
Ana Li
Account Manager
Nichole Zhu
Account Manager
Lauren Liu
Account Manager
Munira Ghaphur
Account Manager
Miki Liu
BI Developer
Randi Zhang
Creative Director
Shirley Song
Live Stream Manager
Wendy Dong
Store Manager
Bao Ping
Store Manager
Alisa Zheng
Store Manager
Nadia Lian
Store Manager
Phil Zhang
Customer Services Lead
Alice Li
Customer Services Lead
With Kung Fu Data, you can put the “Voice of Reason” into the China plan.
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