I just heard that 24 #American retail companies are preparing a #shopping holiday on October 10th (10.10) to “mirror” China’s 11.11. American news articles are reporting that #retailers really need to do an online #sale earlier this year because of the pandemic.

But nobody is being #honest about what’s really happening.

American retailers are COPYING #China. It’s going to be hard for anyone to admit… but in this case it’s a great move.

It’s not just some random #marketing gimmick. Alibaba Group and JD.COM have proven year after year that their way of doing a massive #event online works. Not for the sake of clearing inventory after a major #holiday. An event dedicated to shopping itself… with REAL #deals for #consumers never seen throughout the year.

This is why a country with a GDP per capita less than half of that of #USA can do a sales event several times larger than the US. The entire US did about $17 billion during #BlackFriday & #CyberMonday combined. #Alibaba alone did $38 billion on 11.11.

#Ecommerce in the US is becoming more and more centralized like China as #Amazon has become THE place to shop.

Do you think they can successfully mirror a new shopping day within the next few years?