Sometimes people show you a side you didn’t know they had. And when they do, faith is restored.

A person close to me lost a job he felt was certain. Alternatives are so limited (given schooling for his children). The industry has few viable options.

He left on good but conflicting terms from his last company. One of his colleagues there was always professional but seemed cold and distant. There was mutual respect…but also animosity (or so he thought).

And right as he loses the “sure” thing, his old job comes on the market. But this time his “fr-enemy” is in charge of the hiring process. Not good.

He thought his chances were “zero” and that he’d never be considered…but he asked anyway (you never know, right?)

Instead of blackballing him, “frenemy” does the EXACT opposite: he goes out of his way to create a safe and supportive channel for him to apply without risk.

In times of great need, we often find out who are friends really are. And they may be those who you never thought possible.

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