Anyone who works on performance or profit wants 5 things:

1. Control of Price
2. Control of Inventory
3. Control of Marketing
4. Control of Channel
5. Control of Promotion

Brands that do not offer this are UNAPPEALING to distributors and agencies…especially in China. It’s just too competitive. You fool no one.

If you expect distributors (or even services providers) to take business on performance, you assume that they are either (1) stupid or (2) desperate.

While this does happen, it backfires (eventually). Those programs fail. Qualified folks know your model undermines them. When this happens, they know everyone loses.

There is no world in which local partners agree to a rigged game…UNLESS THEY KNOW HOW TO RIG IT AGAINST YOU OR HAVE AN ULTERIOR MOTIVE.

So keep in mind that if someone working on performance is taking your products to market, they are clear on what they need to make it work in China.

The trap is SET…

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