BRAND OWNERS: We are sharing fresh casework this Wednesday at 11AM CST. The format is the same, but the content is STRATEGIC. Instead of rules of thumb, we will give you a practical roadmap to a successful and sustainable presence in China.

November 20th at 11AM China time
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This is a tipping point analysis. Tracked to origin. Exact reasons for success.

See exactly how certain companies made the cut. More importantly, the things they share in common and the DIFFERENCE MAKERS.

Why not carve a few minutes into your average Wednesday morning and join the discussion?
What’s unique about this content is that the businesses in question are all in different categories selling all manor of products and services.

None of them are alike. All observations based on hard facts, research and direct operating experience. In no way is this material theoretical. So if you can shuffle your schedule a bit, I think you’ll find it well worth your time.
Hope to see you!

PS: you can ask us anything…and we do our best to answer. And if you can’t make it (or think a friend would benefit more) send them this link:
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