That’s because “exposure marketing” is really just a concept that people believe in, rather than a genie-in-a-bottle.

But yesterday our client acted as if their budget for media buying on Tmall was an ATM: in goes the card, out pops the cash.

I have no idea where they got that idea, but this is not my experience. They must be talking to charlatans who tell them the things they want to hear but cannot deliver on a single one.

So I corrected them…and they didn’t like it much.

China’s mobile screen real estate is a gladiator battle for brands. And they often LOSE. If you enter categories like “canvas shoes,” 9 out of 10 impressions are BRANDED. That means if you don’t own or have authority to sell them, you’ll struggle needlessly.

So be careful in your approach and spend your money where it makes the most sense…