Can you imagine?

Another major box retailer entered China ecommerce with “exactly” what they’ve done at home knowing their peers have faired so poorly. (And I’m not talking about Macy’s.)

Met with someone who is trying to salvage the launch and frustrated by the situation. Here is what it looks like:

1) No exclusivity on products

2) No proprietary range (generic only)

3) No brand awareness

4) No resources to support

5) No ground game I could go on…their Tmall launch involved “zero” market sizing, benchmarking or feasibility testing. No activation or localization, not even basic research. They don’t even have seasoned local staff to talk sense into them…I’m shocked.

While I’m grateful for any opportunity to make a difference, I had to bow out gracefully and decline. I can’t help them not because they made a mistake (any big organization can recover) but because they don’t listen. Humility, flexibility and patience are not popular attributes, but they are vital to success in China. Anything less is a fortune lost and a fool’s errand.