You CAN Get Through This

It’s Deja Vu:

“Things are changing by the hour. I can’t imagine what it will be like tomorrow, let alone next week or next month.”

“We are locked down. I can’t work. How are we going to survive this financially?”

“Our economy is being hit so hard…how long will this last?”

“I am so anxious. The fear is overwhelming.”

Every day I hear familiar sentiments from my staff, friends and family back home, fully 8 weeks since China went into lockdown.

I can tell you from experience, things WILL get better. In the early days, there was so much fear and uncertainty here too.

Four weeks later…things were stabilizing. Fast forward another four weeks and today China is in recovery.

Things are getting back to normal. New cases are negligible. People are shopping and going to restaurants. Our portfolio sales are now outpacing March 2019 by a solid margin.

To all of my friends and family in the West…hold on…stay strong…stay home!

You CAN get through this. Things will be back to normal before you know it.

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Businesses are fighting a war in China

Businesses are fighting a war in China. All day I see things like this:

“We just made a decision to stay closed next week. NOTHING is open. Can’t plan ahead because everything is day-by-day.”

“Just received notice from our landlord saying that if there is a virus outbreak from anyone coming to our company WE ARE LIABLE.”

“This will only confuse and create panic.”

Could your business survive a crisis so deep it shuts down the economy of an entire nation?

Where do you turn for support?
>What resources are essential?
>Who can help?

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Voices From China: How Our Team is Reacting to the Coronavirus Crisis

Voices From China: How Our Team is Reacting to the Coronavirus Crisis

We are so thankful that our 50+ team members in China have remained healthy during the ongoing Coronavirus crisis.

As a team, we remain a united front. From day one, we created a mini-program for mandatory health check-ins. We upgraded collaboration and community building activities, supporting both clients and team member families on a daily basis. It’s the best of a bad situation.

Even so, day-to-day life has changed drastically for many of us.

One of our key operators is trapped in her building where there is at least ONE confirmed case. Local authorities aren’t letting her budge until every tenant in her building is cleared…

Here’s how a few of our team members are reacting to the crisis.

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The Chinese government’s rapid and decisive response to the Coronavirus is commendable.

The Chinese government’s rapid and decisive response to the Coronavirus is commendable.

I can’t imagine ANY other country of equal size and scale pulling it together nearly “overnight” to stem the tide of an epidemic…and make us feel like they have things well in hand.

But what TRULY impresses me is the Mainland Chinese community. In a time of great crisis, there has been no violence, looting, or social unrest of any sort (except a few old ladies fighting over groceries at Costco.)

Nearly everyone is acting as one by making incredible personal sacrifices to support each other and make sure they are safe.

The living reality for family, friends, teammates, and clients here is suffocation.

It is painful to be stuck inside, for some in cramped spaces and others exposed without proper protection or sanitation.

I’ve had so many clients, colleagues, staff and friends reach out and offer to go way out of their way to help.

I’m honored, humbled and grateful to you all…

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Happy New Year!

Happy New Year!

A sincere “thank you” to everyone who made 2019 truly memorable. May 2020 bring you great happiness and prosperity!

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Is Franchising Still Feasible in China?

Is Franchising Still Feasible in China?

Recently, we’ve been working with one of our clients on how to make licensing and franchising sexy again in China. We are fundamentally reimagining what licensing & franchising means today.

The original models of licensing, franchising & distribution don’t work anymore. Often, people end up unhappy because they enter into a fixed structure & when you let someone squat on your IP in China it’s very hard to get out from under that. I don’t recommend it.

But, when you look at newer models they’re much more open and flexible. They might be exclusive, but they allow ways to get out of the situation if it goes awry, or if you simply outgrow the partner. You must be adaptive so that you can constantly absorb change. This is obviously easier said than done. Most companies have rigid legal structures, contract systems, etc. And I think for China most of those don’t work. The market is way too fluid.

Bottom line…don’t ever authorize anyone in China to control your company through a restrictive exclusive or semi-exclusive deal. Why do a margin share when you could do a service agreement? Why do either of those when you could do a joint venture and get them to put in half the money? Think creatively, protect your interests, and plan for flexibility.

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