This weekend, e-commerce giant Tmall is hosting a two-day fashion festival to mark the end of Shanghai Fashion Week and start the run-up to China’s most important — and the world’s largest — digital sales event next month. Singles’ Day, known as Double 11 within #China, has morphed into a month-long e-commerce sales frenzy since its inception in 2009.

It’s also historically been dominated by two powerful players: Tmall-parent Alibaba Group and JD.COM. Smaller players like group-buying upstart #Pinduoduo, social commerce darling Xiaohongshu, livestreaming app Mogujie and specialty luxury e-commerce platform Secoo also jostle for share of consumer spending with #SinglesDay promotions. But they don’t come close to matching Alibaba or for scale, and so far they haven’t gained much traction with international brands.

I recently had the pleasure of sitting down with Casey Hall of to discuss what this Singles’ Day has in store.

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