CAUTION: The Bedroom Is The New Fitting Room

Recently, a single consumer purchased more than 50,000 RMB worth of product on our client’s Tmall flagship and…even after much hand holding, gifting & personal service…RETURNED it a day after receiving the packages!

When asked “Why?” he simply replied, “I just wanted to try the products on.” (NOTE: he kept the free gifts)

In the West, serial product returners like this are known as “Bracketers” & are apparently the most loyal customers you can have…perhaps.

But that is where reciprocity is a norm. Not my experience in China. Consumer expectations are at a whole different level: this merchandise is (of course) returnable. It is GUARANTEED by the 7-day right-of-return for all stores on Tmall. It is COMMON because returns, regardless of basket size, are NO COST to consumers.

We are good with it. BUT the potential damage to premium brands who are exposed to these serial product “Testers” is remarkable in China. They feel NO OBLIGATION to return the favor and will likely move on to another merchant who will do the same for them at a lower price.

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