Last week a KOL agency cheated us. The KOL they recommended was fake (as you can see in the data.)

I know 7000 isn’t much money. But their LIES are what gets to me. These agencies are so unscrupulous it is hard to tell the real from the FAKE.

Our client picked the KOL with the biggest following from the agency’s recommended list. They seemed to have an excellent track record.

What’s interesting is how elaborate the facade. It was extremely difficult (on the surface) to see that something sinister was lurking underneath…

…Until it was too late!

That said, we have a LOT of big wins for clients with livestream. Even our in-house streamers can turn once skeptical shoppers into brand enthusiasts.

So this was truly upsetting. Given the mad rush into the channel, I think the entire ecosystem is being threatened by such charlatans.

Bottom line?

Transactional marketing works but comes with inherent risk. Be sure to double check client references and demand verified performance data.

Otherwise, you may well end up the fool…

PS – If you want to make sure you avoid this particular KOL, comment YES and I’ll message you privately with their identity.

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