I’ve been in #China for nearly 25 years. I’ve started 7 businesses here. The first three FAILED spectacularly. The last four have FLOURISHED. What’s the difference?

I’ve learned that there’s a way to get China “right.” Doing business here is COMPLETELY different than doing #business anywhere else in the world.

There’s a way of doing things, or an approach that has #proven successful time and time again.

Everyone has their own unique “China” entry experience. But, the ingredients for #success are constant. We’ve put them to work for countless #brands that we manage on Tmall and JD.

With my amazing team of #growth hackers, I’ve put together a #B2B marketing playbook that’s proven to work across many categories, fields, careers, etc. Whether you’re a #smallbusiness founder just trying to make a name for your yourself or the #commercialdirector of a Fortune 500 brand targeting aggressive growth in the #Chinese market. These tips are for you.

Get your free copy of China B2B Marketing Hacks here: https://kungfudata.lpages.co/china-b2b-marketing-playbook/

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