I was recently asked by a reporter to predict a post-crisis future for China…something I’m not comfortable doing.

That’s because normal, everyday life often feels like a Bruce Sterling novel come to life…where the near future collapses into the present moment.

Let me explain…

I now live in Hong Kong, a place that is running on solid systems and stack infrastructure from the 80’s. And it is still highly functional in many respects. But anyone who works in China knows that Hong Kong isn’t the future.

Every time I fly to Shanghai I tell people I’m going, “Back to the Future,” because each time I return something big has changed (usually for good.)

In my view, there’s no need to predict the future because it is happening NOW.

New technologies are being introduced and adopted en mass, changing habits and cultural norms on a real-time basis.

In eCommerce, the biggest change we see is everything merging into one seamless experience.
Every functional role facing digital commerce must up-skill and cross pollinate.

It’s become an enormous, ever-expanding ecosystem that is increasingly more nuanced. And it’s filled with tripwires.

That makes it extremely difficult to navigate. To be successful, not only do you have to master ecosystem dynamics, but also be ready to change at a moment’s notice.

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