If there’s been one constant during my 25+ years in China….it is CHANGE.

Opportunities seem to change by the minute. #Trends come and go. A category can go from on fire to ice cold overnight (and vice versa).

To succeed in #China, you MUST be #humble and willing to learn. You will be proven wrong time and again, but if you’re willing to #change and #adapt you can survive (and even thrive) as the environment evolves around you.

For example…

Over the last few months, we’ve seen a huge shift in the way shoppers are using technology.

Nearly all commerce is occurring online and consumers want to really EXPERIENCE the products digitally. They want their screens to come “alive.”

So as demand shifted, we did too. We are now running #livestreams every day.  If we had been set in our ways, our clients’ #sales would be lagging and we would likely be left behind.

I’ve seen different versions of this same story play out countless times throughout the years.

China’s a place that DEMANDS  #humility.

Only when you’re #honest and willing to learn can you actually see the #opportunities in front of you and stay in the winner’s circle.