China – Expectations vs. Reality

One of the biggest problems I see on a daily basis is that brands are told fairy tales of easy success in China. In the gray boxes are actual statements from sites of partners for Tmall and other platforms in China. They say things like, “We guarantee results.” “We’re going to make you profitable from day one,” and on and on.

There’s no all-in-one software that’s magical OUTSIDE of China. Can you imagine INSIDE China? Even worse is the expectation that’s being given to brands that entering China will be fast, simple, easy, cheap, and successful from day one.

The statements in the red boxes speak to reality. Now, this doesn’t mean you can’t build a successful presence in China. All my clients do eventually. But you have to be realistic. There’s no magic button.

When brands come to us, we ask ourselves the following:

1) Is the brand strong enough?
2) Is the brand committed to do it, and do it right?
3) Will they resource it properly? By this I don’t mean just capital. They have to have the right team, assets, marketing, product mix, etc.

When it comes to entering China, it doesn’t matter if you’re big or small. It matters if you understand how to navigate…and this all starts with having realistic expectations.

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