China: Local Partners Are the Key to Success

Throughout my 20+ years of experience as an entrepreneur in China, the three businesses that succeeded did so when I was physically here in the country and the one business that failed did so when I was trying to manage operations from abroad. If you don’t have a partner in China it’s extremely difficult to manage the day-to-day. It’s so hard to get the details right. Even in with today’s technology, to succeed, you still need to be here.

In many ways, it’s the sense that you don’t have control. I partner with brands worldwide, and can’t tell you how often they say “Since I’m working with you it’s so much easier.” Although the brand may not want to set up an office here, I’m their eyes on the ground.

If you’re selling to China you run some real risks of your brand being misrepresented or misused, and all sorts of problems on the ground… all because you don’t have eyes on what is happening. Find someone you trust. This could mean hiring a single local employee, using a third party who provides oversight, or even setting up a full China office. You can’t afford NOT to have a local partner.

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