The pandemic fallout was short lived and has been replaced by promising winds on a rising tide.

Anyone captaining a ship in #China is feeling a sense of (God forbid) #hope ….

The #naysayers were wrong. Again.

I read a funny article about how The Economist has predicted the downfall of China’s “growth engine” nearly every year since I graduated from university.

(And that’s a long time LOL)

…Despite MASSIVE contraction of its #exports

…Despite shocks to EVERY #business open to the public

…Despite NO #STIMULUS checks from on high

They did it. And they did it well.

Truly “brilliant” execution beat the odds.

I’ve been discussing the nascent power of China’s newest generation of #consumers to “buy us out of trouble” since the second quarter and no one believed me.

Chinese #millennials have the purchasing power of EUROPE. And they are bailing out many of our clients.

Our portfolio is up nearly 100% YoY coming into 11.11. This accelerated since the 80% #growth I mentioned in July.

While the #economy is still suffering in many ways and isn’t in its heyday of unchecked growth, it is much, MUCH better than what friends and family are dealing with back home.

Hats off to a job well done…