Consumers are super picky. The expectation is now free, same day delivery…brands giving them everything they want, with top notch service and hand holding through checkout and delivery. Consumers can take their time, and they do…

Consumers are also super demanding. The minimum photo shoot for any client is five images and a 360 degree video. That’s minimum to get in now. So your brand assets have to be robust and beautiful, and you have to write a ton of copy and content, and manage the in.

And then on top of that, you have to prove that it’s authentic. And this is actually more difficult than you think because the people that fake and squat in China are very clever, and they look more authentic than the actual branded products. So you have to take videos of your factory, your executive team. You have to prove that you exist and it’s your store.

More important, you have to have that prompt and responsive INSTANT customer service. If we miss 15 seconds, you’re out of the game, they’ve bounced to a new store. China is a place where winner takes all. But if you win, you win conclusively.

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