Choosing the Best Remote Collaboration Tool…What to Consider

In our case, our main operations team typically works in the same office. #Communication is immediate and face to face. People are used to using physical whiteboards and walking up to each other to quickly ask questions and solve issues.

There are tons of tasks involved in running any Tmall store. Many of these tasks are urgent and often involve different departments. Having to go remote all of a sudden made the management and tracking of those tasks a lot more difficult.

We needed to replicate the #whiteboard and maintain #accountability on all tasks.

Most people do not come from a tech background, so our tool of choice had to be ridiculously simple to use. We needed to be able to visually organize all tasks and set clear responsibilities.

Our team is also predominantly Chinese so we absolutely needed a Chinese UI. To add to that, we didn’t want our tool of choice to need a VPN.

So our needs pretty much ruled out all the top #collaboration apps that make the news in China… as well as most of the popular ones in the US.

Check back soon to learn what our team has found over countless hours of research….as well as our top picks (that we’re ACTUALLY using.)

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