Me: Tmall as B2C and Taobao as C2C are commonly used terms to explain the difference between the two Alibaba platforms. However, the actual Alibaba ecosystem is far more complicated than that.

Client: But I thought Tmall is a channel where brands want to establish their flagship stores and build up their business. Isn’t that right?

Me: Yes, but from an operations standpoint, we see Taobao and Tmall as one channel instead of two. There is a real reason for this. Taobao is like an umbrella…when you search “Nike” on Taobao, you will see Nike’s TMall flagship store, Nike reseller’s store, Tmall Global store, marketplace store… all kinds of shopping channels show up. When you search “Nike” on Tmall, you will see far fewer products on the search results page because it only shows Tmall listings.

That’s why most consumer journeys start and end on the Taobao platform, where they have access to more choices (multiple channels on one platform) and more users (more interactions.)

Make sense?

Client: Yes. Thank you!

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