Whether you’re in B2C, B2B, or C2C, there are so many fakes, counterfeits and imposters that everyone expects you to WORK for their business and PROVE your authenticity.

They’re testing you. And if you pass their rigorous tests you’re rewarded with respect and opportunity.

Not many people, particularly Western brands who are unfamiliar with this process, are willing to jump through such elaborate and elongated hoops.

Becoming trusted is a long, lonely road. We’ve been in business for six years but the first three were absolute hell.

When we signed our first contract, it was the worst experience I’ve ever had. The amount of back and forth, the requirements we had to meet were ENDLESS. Payment took more than seven months and daily negotiation.

We went through this process over and over, each time swearing we were NEVER going to do it again.

Fast forward a few more years and many became our best customers.

They’re incredibly supportive once you earn their trust. And we’ve built a network of clients who are now our champions.

Once you embrace this operational intensity, if a competitor wants to push you out…they too have to be willing to survive trials-by-fire. Willing to do whatever it takes. And THAT is a rare bird indeed.

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