Decision Making…Keep It Local

One of the biggest mistakes I see brands make every day is having people outside China making decisions on how to run their China operations. An American personal care brand we met with recently is a perfect example. The brand is quite large, and the global CEO is in cahoots with the global CEO of a large top ten consulting firm. When the consulting firm asked “Hey, we can run Tmall for you?” the brand hired them.

It was a total disaster. We were brought in to audit their Tmall operations. The APAC director was horrified. Their store is performing so badly, Tmall is about to de-list it.  Alibaba had to get involved, remove the consulting firm, and put on a new distributor. And it’s embarrassing because the brand is actually quite successful in Asia. But when your Tmall store has ranked this poorly, it makes you look bad and it tarnishes your reputation and destroys your brand equity.

You can fix these things guys! Don’t let people with no experience make decisions on how you do China.

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