Do Chinese consumers trust online-only brands?

As with most things when it comes to China, the answer is “yes, but…”

Direct to consumer brands have been very successful in China. A recent example that comes to mind is an online-only brand specializing in shaving razors and accessories that we evaluated. They were EXTREMELY successful in China (I was even a bit shocked at their monthly sales numbers), but this was no coincidence. They had great brand awareness, were fully activated, owned their own IP, had excellent customer service, etc.

So just to give you an idea, the way you want to look at it is not online vs. offline. I want you to look strictly at point of interest and brand readiness. Do you own it? Do the consumers engage with you now? Are your current customers Chinese or do they have ties to China in some way? Do you have the brand assets and ability to provide the instant customer service that Chinese consumers expect? These things are the basis for the whether or not you can expect success in China.

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