Does Dishonesty Pay?

We all know the term, “buyers are liars.”

My mentor says transparency is overrated. The middleman’s creed is information arbitrage. All the great ones trade the gap. And yet I train my team to be totally transparent and honest with clients about costs and potential. How else can they fulfill their mission to serve and build trust?

Both sides posture and position in high stakes settings…

Sellers may exaggerate potential knowing buyers will net it down. They do whatever they can to enhance desire, scarcity, trust and worthiness.

Buyers often say anything to devalue a seller’s offer, show endless alternatives and lower the price. You’d think those traps fail. But they don’t.

What you share and don’t share can make or break a deal.

With the pros, “less is more” and “it all comes down to numbers.” Anchoring and framing is used to maximize leverage. Back channels talks reveal soft spots. Any (legal) tactic that works.

But what I’m really curious about is…in your experience…does “dishonesty” in any form pay?

(e.g., deception, manipulation, redirection, framing, exaggeration, withholding information)

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