First, the way you #communicate here is completely different. Culturally, linguistically and socially. When you’re building a network and a #community, you have to look at the signaling and how it works in #China.

I have friends who run businesses in the #West, and the way they do business development is completely different.

Elsewhere they’re following a very traditional track. Attending trade shows, getting referrals, making cold calls. But, most of that doesn’t even work in China.

#Communication is much more personal. Everyone is on #WeChat where communication is instant and individualized.

Another difference is that in China, the #factories and the end users are directly connected.

#Taobao is an M to C marketplace (and it’s not the only one.) Almost everyone who has ever shopped online in China has bought directly from a #factory at some point. There are no #middlemen. You can deal directly with the actual means of production. And businesses can amplify that very quickly.

To #outsiders, China can be like a big murky stew. The key to understanding it is to be humble, open-minded and ready to #adapt to its unique business culture.

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