Precious time with the most inspiring (and unique) individuals I know: Dragon Forum, a motley crew of the world’s best and brightest who made Shanghai home and somehow managed to build successful businesses here.

Every time we meet is a breath of fresh air, a powerful awakening and a jolt of energy so strong it makes me want to be…better

It is an honor to serve with you, to share who and what we know so that the impossible situations we often face can be a little easier to navigate.

On that note, I’m incredibly proud of Todd Gill, who made it through a super challenging 2-years of development to create Shanghai’s most anticipated new co-living space…the exquisite COHOST West Bund (check it out!)

And I’m grateful to you for welcoming me into the fold: Biggi Stefansson Harry Yu 余亮恒 Kai Hong Robin Young Antony Ward Guillaume Vidal Todd Gill AND Andrew Collins Michael Smollan Marc de Boos-Smith (the Dragons at large, you are sorely missed!)

Thank you for the inspiration…and Happy Thanksgiving to all of you at home

PS: if any of you are in Shanghai next week, COHOST is having a grand opening party. Please reach out to Todd’s team at for details.

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