A good friend visited me a few months ago. We met for a typical Canto lunch and were seated side-by-side. Like clockwork, two strange women sat across from us.

I thought nothing of it…but this caused a moment of concern. From someone not used to living here, I suppose it is a bit odd. She thought it was weird (and a little funny).

I mean…how often do you eat with total strangers?

This isn’t the same as sitting at a bar, diner or cafeteria meant for singles. We were, in fact, sitting in a private booth in a very nice restaurant. And yet the wait staff saw nothing wrong with having us share the booth with others.

We laughed about it and (of course) imagined who these women were and why they were there. I suppose that experience is unique (and even uniquely Hong Kong).

This brings up an interesting question: co-working and co-living spaces are all the rage… .

..so why isn’t co-eating? The shared table is very human. From old English ale houses and Asian lazy Susans to French farmhouses and American picnics, there is no end to historical and cultural precedents. I personally prefer it. You get a little taste of everything! Thoughts?

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