I couldn’t help but smile when I saw Rob Campbell’s tweet over the weekend. Entrepreneurship is definitely not for the faint of heart.

Over the years I’ve started six businesses. I’ve worked tirelessly without earning a paycheck for YEARS only to have the business “suddenly” flourish. Some of them simply puttered along earning a modest income, but never “taking off.”

I’ve also been “on top of the world” before a business crashed and burned…failing spectacularly.

And EVERY time I do it, I promise I’ll never do it again.

…but it’s a promise I keep breaking.

The work is intense, and it can be all consuming, but there’s nothing like it. And the more people I’ve met, the more I’ve realized that no one quite “gets it” unless you’ve been in those shoes.

I’ve been an active member of Entrepreneurs’ Organization for 14 years and have found solidarity, a sounding board, valuable mentors, and lifelong friends. The camaraderie and understanding from others who have “been there” is truly invaluable.

So regardless of your career choices, I highly recommend joining the ranks of those who have been brave enough to do the same. A tribe is always stronger together.

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