With 60 million ACTIVE online merchants & 10 million factories selling direct, #competition is so fierce that if you don’t have a defendable position you WILL be eaten alive.

The ecosystem demands that you have an unfair advantage.

That could mean a number of things, but often it is a simple combination of meaningful exclusivity, community, influence & strength.

Can you honestly say that about your brand?

If “no,” it’s time to work on BUILDING LEVERAGE into your entry strategy.

We have a new client that “gets it.”

They may be new to the world (only a few years old), but they aren’t new to INFLUENCE…and they have mastered the art of amplification.

They’ve done it in the US & Europe.


They’re likely to do it in China.

Here’s why…

The founder is an influencer HERSELF… with 500,000 fans in #China. She’s deeply respected and religiously followed by normal folk AND other big influencers.

So she has #leverage, not just from her own global following but by accessing everyone else’s too!

Booking Tier 1 live-streamers? Check.

Getting platform support? Done.

Collaborating with the biggest KOLs? No problem.

Forget the alligators. She can build a bridge over them and DRAIN THE SWAMP.