The beauty of the jungle is…unplugged

On holiday in the jungles of Laos (French boutique meets elephant sanctuary), it’s hard not to fall in love. Travel there can be a bit rough and tumble.

But I find joy in simple things: the French bakeries are perfection. Air is clean and free of harmful chemicals. Life is pretty chill and…Buddhist. Great variety with less clutter. Genuine people. Real value for $.

And it’s a nature-lover’s dream: we did a 2-hour night safari over rapids to see rare animals in the dead of night far from civilization. Checks all my boxes for an epic family adventure.

Laos is also where brands DO NOT MATTER (yet). Coming from omni-brand cultures in China and the West, I was stunned. Locals do not care what brands they own.

There is little status or preference associated with trade names (other than Lao beer and a few smart phones). For locals, shopping is a utility or sensory experience: function over name.

You see it everywhere…on the streets, in the shops, and when having drinks with a bar owner from the UK who swore on his 10 years in Laos that nothing has changed.

He said, “We just don’t care about that stuff”

And I thought, “How refreshing”

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