Google is irrelevant….in China

Chinese consumers don’t search for things. They search for brands. If they need something, they connect in their social circle. They ask friends, family, colleagues or others they respect and follow.

And they verify community-based preferences with their own personal research without using a search engine like Google.

They look for specific, REPETITIVE signals coming through a complex web of influence.

It’s a process that speeds up decision making through layers of instant validation.

And those webs are complex. They’re based on trust earned anywhere at any time.

They are also unpredictable. Most success looks like a wild brush fire in the wind.

So what does that mean for brands?

They need to spend the time to map the entire path to purchase. They need to find that TRUE MOMENT of interest and master it.

So few do this (I mean REALLY, ACTUALLY do it) before they enter. But those that do have a real head start and much higher success rates.

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