Alibaba maintains a much closer relationship with merchants than any marketplace in the West.

Each category is similar to a tight knit community with merchants closely connected to Tmall category managers. They provide trainings and conferences throughout the year at Alibaba HQ.

Alibaba also invests heavily into its merchants.

But make no mistake – Alibaba got to be #1 by making it very clear that the end consumer is king. The games, content, livestreams, integrated experiences — everything was explicitly built with the end consumer in mind.

Just try getting a complaint from a customer. You are immediately guilty until proven innocent. The platform will side with the customer and you are on a timer to defend your case.

Your speed and ability to deal with the situation impacts your store’s rating. This means your search rankings are affected. Worst of all, it can bar you from entering major events.

When it comes to complaints and negative reviews…

Alibaba is ruthless. The system is set up so that merchants MUST do everything to make customers happy.

To be successful, you must make sure your customer service team is properly trained and well equipped to deal with unhappy customers.

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