Have you ever been accused of “casualizing”?

I was. Being American, I don’t always pay attention to the way I say things. I was raised to speak in a way that’s easy to understand.

And it is REALLY necessary when working with the ESL set (English as a second language). I flatten my speech, use simple words, speak clearly and enunciate.

Sounds like good policy (but not always). It backfires when you hang with Londoners. They are not only careful with the words they use…pronunciation “matters” to them.

I was taken to Borough Market by a prospective client (for those who don’t know, this is an outdoor fresh market from 1756 converted into tasty food stalls).

When he said “Borough Market,” it sounded like an imaginary castle in Hogwarts. Then he pointed to the sign “Borough Market” and I said, “bur-row” “mar-ket.”

He laughed and said, “Why do Americans always casualize everything?”

I thought…good point. If I could speak like him, everything would sound enticing, every place would sound magical, every task worth doing.

It would make convincing staff and clients (and my kids!!!) to do their “chores” that much easier. Since I’m not a trained poet, I suppose clarity will need to suffice.

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