How anyone can start making money on Douyin

To get started, a content creator must first register and qualify as a seller or affiliate through Douyin. This requires 10K+ legitimately acquired followers.

At this point, creators/affiliates can set up their own store within Douyin or link to Taobao or JD… but as you may know…. the overhead in running an ecommerce operation in China is beyond madness. That’s why Taobaoke is so appealing to everyone: No logistics, no customer service, no design, no SEO or managing ad campaigns..

But finding the right product is a major challenge for the content creator. First, the product must be directly related to their channel and the video they showcase it in. What’s really difficult is finding a balance between price, quality and conversion rates.

So where do they go to find the right products that pay good commissions? The traditional route is to just seek out products suggested by the Taobaoke platform (Taobao Alliance). But the affiliate deals there are all public information and usually don’t pay great commissions.

The best commissions come from direct negotiations with Taobao stores. While Taobao Alliance can make this tricky, it is possible through workarounds or brokers.

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