Today I had the “pleasure” of being schooled by a client. His frustration and dissatisfaction were clear…but what shined through was genuine support.

As domain experts, we are hired to do the things clients don’t know how to do. So our teams are surgical. They thrive in silos of technical acumen.

By nature of their functional roles, they have blindspots. They assume their counterparts know more than they do. This isn’t on purpose.

Partnerships evolve, both sides get pulled in different directions, while responsibilities pass through many hands. Being open rather than combative, he made us aware of something missing in our launch process.

Our management team hadn’t thought of it. Our accounts team hadn’t thought of it. Our project team hadn’t thought of it (and I hadn’t thought of it). He did us a huge favor.

He fixed something we didn’t think needed any fixing. And by doing so he upped our game and made us…better.

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