How Taobaoke deals for Douyin are made

There are 4 stakeholders in the Douyin Taobaoke business:

• The business (Taobao/Tmall store)
• A broker (content creator network)
• Individual content creators
• The end consumer

Businesses who want traffic in their Tmall or Taobao store will negotiate with an affiliate broker who manages a network of content creators. The broker will usually ask for an exclusive coupon to make the product offer more enticing to the end consumer, thus more likely to convert.

The broker will then distribute this Taobaoke job to its network of content creators in the right niche. In exchange, the broker earns a small fee from the affiliates for every order they generate. Douyin’s parent company does this through its own platform facilitating collaborations between content creators and businesses.

The content creators will then include the product into their video based on their own style. They set up the affiliate link in their video, which then brings visitors into the client’s Tmall/Taobao store. 4

None of this matters to the end consumer. They’re just enjoying videos that interest them and if they see a product they like, one tap will bring them straight into the Taobao store without having to manually switch apps.

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