The easiest way to avoid hard work is to steal someone else’s. While designs may be tempting, most shops will have their own look and feel…at least merchants try to give the “appearance” of originality in their offers.

Not so in JD…

One of our flagships has to compete with semi-authorized dealerships that play dirty. Image and status hijacking causes extreme friction in the brand’s ecosystem. Dealers “fake” their authority by co-opting our designs and images.

To stop this, we complained to the platform and category manager to no end. But the most effective tactic of all was to bring hard evidence to the brand…with a clear indication of LEGAL leverage if they didn’t comply with our request.

I don’t like using such methods and I find it highly ironic that the brand’s GM was the real culprit, in cahoots with the bad guys. But when things aren’t right (and hurting sales), you have no choice but to do whatever you can.

Curious to hear if anyone has had similar experiences…and what worked (or didn’t).


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