Someone on my compliance team caught a client’s attorney trying to submit FAKE documents in their Tmall application.

Of all the things that go wrong, the worst is a FOREIGNER submitting fake documents. In a country where professional forgery is considered an art form, the whole POINT of Tmall is to give brands a special status with consumers. Consumers know that they are dealing with authorized entities that have permission to sell the brand’s products in China. When consumers shop the Tmall listings, they know (at least in principle) the merchant in question is legitimate.

Alibaba has created an unusually tough application process. The documentation clients need to get approval often makes my eyes bleed. Their compliance team is well trained and diligent. They review every document. They can reject you for ANY REASON.

I find it highly ironic that foreigners (even attorneys) think they can get away it. They didn’t want to bother to use an original stamp and so photo-shopped in a chop.

Of course, our client was appalled. And they fired the attorney. But think about every case where a brand doesn’t catch lethal errors. You could be blacklisted…forever

PS: Alibaba has created an “unusually” tough application process for launching any store. Check out our visual guide that will walk you through each step.

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