I can’t resist helping people get past sticking points. Could be my time in EO, where superstars have made time for me. Could be my father who was a mentor, or my mother who is a teacher & advocate.

In any case, I find the MOST meaningful way I do this is to make introductions. This week I connected a worthy person to a marquis client who needs someone like her.

Our dialogue:

Her: “Why do you want to help me? We’ve only spoken a few times.”

Me: “Being a connector is a part of my character. If I think someone is a good fit for someone or something else, I offer to make introductions.”

Her: “I appreciate it. But WHY? What do you get out of it?”

Me: “Don’t be so cynical…my job is relationships and people. When you paraphrased what we do at Kung Fu Data by saying that we are ‘Paving ways for Western brands to synchronize with Chinese platforms’ I was blown away. This was such a unique insight that I immediately knew you had a strong, curious, analytical mind. Meeting you F2F confirmed this. These are the traits that my client respects the most. That’s why I introduced you.”

How can you make a difference today? Are you a connector? A teacher? An advocate? Whatever the case, put your strengths into action to help someone else succeed.