How to tell if there’s a market for your product…in China

Of course there’s a market for your product, but that isn’t the real question. The real question is whether you can build a SUSTAINABLE presence here.

China’s ecommerce market is awesome… with USD$2 trillion expected in 2019. As such, it would be “easy” to show data that confirms you have struck gold.

BUT…we aren’t in the business of telling people what they want to hear. We tell the TRUTH about their potential. We size it as we see it. That’s because we have P&L responsibility if they say, “yes” (and make nothing if they don’t).

To us, your “market” is a dynamic sub-category in a competitive platform that captures the nuances, preferences and tastes of 600 million consumers. So many factors contribute to success in that environment…product-market fit is only one of them.

After we get through our checklist, you’ll know if you have a green light. There is no easy way to do that work. Whether you hire us or not, work with folks who have your best interests in mind.

You’ll know because they don’t flatter. They tell the truth (even if unpopular). They look at the hard facts and help you decide. Then they take responsibility for your success. That’s when you know you have a winner…and not one day sooner.

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