We call it “success” and it is easy to visualize.

Think of it as a pot of water. Until it’s HOT, nothing happens. When that heat reaches a tipping point, you see tiny bubbles.

Then, all at once, you see thousands of them or tens of thousands. They get bigger and bigger until the entire pot boils over.

The curve is ALWAYS the same. Short or long. Online or off. B2B or B2C. Makes no difference.

…So why does every SINGLE commercial director expect “incremental” progress during a launch?

They treat a start up in China as if it is a well-established, mature business.

Never happens this way. It isn’t natural.

Post launch outcomes are UNPREDICTABLE AT BEST and most likely follow the curve shown.

Better yet, we have clients who insist on monthly breakdowns. Then try to hold us accountable.


Business planning (it seems) is based on a fairytale. Check out this 5 year pro forma “expectation” we got from a brand recently…

…I laughed!

Success isn’t incremental in China or ANYWHERE, so why use silly “outdated” KPIs to evaluate performance or measure progress?

They aren’t helpful.

A better use of time would be managing talent that specializes in “tipping point solutions.”

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